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Based at Lotus Flower Farm in Galien, Michigan, The Storehouse is a catering and events company specializing in effortless, casual gatherings. We are a married duo (Penny Duff and Michael Slaboch) who create nourishing food grounded by our passion for hyper-local seasonal produce, artisanal purveyors, and house made specialties from our project kitchen.

Our drop-off catering and private chef services celebrate the abundance of Southwest Michigan. We love plants and uphold the highest standards in our sourcing, growing much of the vegetables and herbs for our cuisine on-site in a certified naturally grown market garden. Our produce is harvested at peak-season and served within days or saved for future use through timeless preservation processes infused with flavors from around the Mediterranean.

In addition to catering, The Storehouse produces intimate cultural events and collaborative workshops focused on culinary experiments, regenerative agricultural practices, and artistic exploration. This new website will fully launch in the spring of 2019. In the meantime, we hope these photo on the home page will introduce you to our offerings. We are happy to work with clients to adapt our food to accommodate a wide range of diets.

Please contact us here with all inquiries, menus and pricing. We’d love to help you provide a thoughtful, delicious culinary experience at your next gathering!